How to Remove the
Emotional Weight of Loss

"Free Yourself of the Pain You’ve been Trying to Satiate"

From The Desk Of Jennifer Waugh
Langley, British Columbia

Have you ever woken up in the morning, looked in the mirror and wondered how you let yourself get to this point?

Tired eyes, sagging skin and a few extra pounds in all the wrong places.
Sure, you’ve been going through a tough time.

You’re recovering from a recent loss and trying to hold it all together.

Turning to food for comfort is common. Unfortunately, it hasn’t fixed your broken heart or helped your journey of healing.
Instead, the extra weight is hanging heavy along with your emotions and you’re feeling lost as ever.

If this sounds familiar, this will be the most important letter you read in 2020.


What if I were to tell you that I truly believe there is a way for you to find a new place of self love where food is not the go-to solution...

          You no longer have to feel stuck.

          You no longer have to feel alone in a world
               where talking about grief has become so

          You can escape the pain and make healthy
               decisions again.

          You no longer have to feel sorry for yourself.

          It’s time to embrace strategies that will help
               you to actually deal with loss – whether it was
               the result of the death of a loved one, end of a
               relationship or another cause.

You can escape the pain and make healthy decisions again.


My name is Jennifer and I’ve been in your shoes.
After losing my husband in 2012, I took my body on a whirlwind of changes. I went from being in great shape and healthy to losing weight when I stopped eating after his passing. From there, I turned to food and wine to satiate my emotions, and gained back 35 pounds.

I felt completely alone, hopeless and stuck.
At the same time, I was angry at myself for dealing with my grief the way that I did.

It wasn’t until 2018 that I discovered a process for removing the emotional weight of loss. I put in the work to identify and heal the emotions that were driving me to use food and wine in the first place. In doing so, I lost 15 pounds and am happy with where I am at – both physically and emotionally.

Today, I’m an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist working with many clients who have had similar experiences to me (and to you!) so they can make more positive choices while dealing with loss.


Let’s be honest:

I didn’t have to make changes. It would have been easier to continue on with my unhealthy habits and simply wait for a change.

Is this what you’re waiting for?

          Waiting for a time when the hurt won’t be so

          Waiting for something to feel familiar again.

          Waiting for someone to save you from the hole you have fallen                      into.

But here is the truth – and I say this with love, of course!

It’s time to get off your butt, and lose the weight. 

You deserve so much more in your life, if only you will allow yourself to learn to feel again.


I continue to hear the same scenario from women over and over again in my practice as a Growing From Grief Coach.
Weight gain after loss is very common. Women easily turn to unhelpful strategies and habits to deal with loss as a way to cope in life.

But when we get stuck there and make this story more real than the truth—that is the PROBLEM.


But you have to want to!
When you learn to resolve the pain of your past, you’ll be able to:

Stop making excuses.

Claim your own emotional healing.

Improve your relationship with food.

Lose weight.

 Model self-care for your children.

Show up as a more present parent.

Make your life a priority again.


I want to help you clear out the hurt that is sending your personal relationship with food into a slump.
Remove the Emotional Weight of Loss is a program where, together, we will really dive deep into a loving and safe space. You’ll learn how to shift your understanding of loss and claim the parts of your emotional healing that will help curb unwanted habits and behaviors.

I can help you see the impact your loss is having on your weight and create a whole new way to step forward into choices that support a more positive and renewed outcome for you.


The Remove the Emotional Weight of Loss program will remedy your emotional distress as you gain an understanding of the triggers and habits that are causing an unhealthy relationship with food.
This 12-week program consists of:

9 online group sessions.

4 one-on -one online sessions.

 Online course content delivered weekly.

 Private Facebook group for participants.

Together, we’ll get to the source of your emotional pain so you can experience lasting relief and won’t feel the need to cover it up with food.

You’ll be guided through a step-by-step process so you can feel confident about how to effectively process your emotions without getting lost and overwhelmed.

You’ll be welcomed into an intimate and safe community of like-minded women who are struggling with similar emotional weight gain so you can feel comfort in knowing you aren’t alone.

In this group, you’ll feel safe, you can express your emotions and feel acknowledged, heard and understood without judgement.

Best of all, you’ll learn a specific method for processing your emotions so that you can use it for all of the inevitable losses that you may experience in the future and never feel stuck with the kind of pain that leads to emotional eating again!

Let this be the first step to lasting healing! 

Weekly online group sessions take place the first three Wednesday of every month. 



I can help you see the impact your loss is having on your weight and create a whole new way to step forward into choices that support a more positive and renewed outcome for you – for only $547 USD.

The choice is yours to take a stand.

Are You Ready to Reclaim your Body, Life and Emotions?
If you’re not quite ready yet, that’s okay! You may not be in the right headspace. The grief and loss that you’re feeling might be too new, too fresh. This program is not for you if:
  • You prefer to sit and feel sorry for yourself.
  • ​You enjoy using food for comfort.
  • ​You have no desire to change or heal your emotions.

If you’re ready to Remove the Emotional Weight of Loss, then this program is definitely for you if:

  • ​ You’re tired of feeling stuck.
  • ​You want to heal your relations with food.
  • ​You’re ready to reclaim your body and lose the weight.
  • ​You want to be in control of your emotions.
  • ​You know you deserve more in life.
  • ​Your family and friends are ready for the “old you” to return.
  • ​You’re ready to embrace real strategies for dealing with loss and grief.


You may be wondering what emptions have to do with food and weight loss, and if this program will have an impact? 

The short answer is: YES!

Our emotions are at the source of weight gain not only from a stress hormone perspective but also because so many people end up reaching for food and other unhealthy habits when they are feeling out of control emotionally. Also, we are often holding on to extra weight as a false sense of protection to keep us safe from getting close to others.

I have witnessed many clients who have made significant positive changes with how they respond to grief after doing this work. If you show up for all the sessions and do the work, and you aren’t satisfied with your experience, then I will give you your money back.


You are human, vulnerable and resilient.

You can create a new way of being in your life.

Get lifetime access to online resources that you can review any time you like: when you’re feeling weak, stuck or are experiencing a new loss in life.


Sign up to Remove the Emotional Weight of Loss with a group of amazing women who share a common goal.

Together, we can support each other through these changes on the path towards healing, both emotionally and physically.

If you'd like to take advantage of this limited time offer, click the button below before it expires.

Jennifer, xo

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